Vintage – Oud solo music of Egyptian classics of the 20th century

Finally, Egyptians can hear the music that is most beloved from their culture. Oud virtuoso, Ramy Adly has compiled the most popular favorites in this compilation of his one-hour show.

Egyptian songs are known around the Arab world. Audiences of Arabic origin are thrilled when they
hear songs from the 1960s, 1980s and the 90s. Egyptian singers and stars such as
Mohamed Abdul Wahab, Oum Kalthom, Al Assabbgy and Fayriuz are
performers of this music.

Ramy Adly is an American/Egyptian artist, young master of the Oud, the versatile Guitar- like instrument that shaped Arab classical music. Grounded in the main Middle Eastern, ancient Egypt and the Arab classical styles thanks to rigorous training in his native Egypt, Adly has branched out repeatedly, incorporating jazz idioms and embracing conversations with other large musicians around the world.