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Mirage music by Ramy Adly – Solo Oud and  Orchestration tracks

In today’s Eurocentric world, the power of classical music has often been defined in terms of Bach or Beethoven. One often forgets that the story of music spans many cultures as well as several millennia. Until now, those ancient melodies were confined to a few half-forgotten songs. In the Middle East, for instance, scraps of the Psalms of King David and the Song of Solomon reach through the veil of time to touch our hearts and stir our souls. Now, one artist has revived those haunting sounds. The world-class soloist Oud player Ramy Adly, an Egyptian immigrant to America, recorded 7 tracks using this 5,000-year old instrument to convey these ancient Egyptian sounds. His unique style is unlike most classique Oud players and strings the Oud faster than anyone around the globe. This album brings you an amazing repertoire of timeless classics in harmony with ancient Babylon and Egypt. You’re invited to join Ramy on a musical a trek, an odyssey across time and nations.

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  1. ramyadlyoud

    Its an incredible album!!

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