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School of Oud – Online Course

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Learn to play the Oud Live via Skype from your own place and Join students from over 27 countries around the glob

School of Oud – Online Course

Learn to play the Oud via Skype and Join students from over 27 countries around the globe. Oud Lessons

Skype account: Ramy-Adly
SkypeSkype account: Ramy-Adly

There are presently three different schools related to learning to play the Oud in the Middle East and Arab world. These include Egypt, Iraq and Turkey.
Ramy Adly is equipped to teach a student the correct techniques of the Oud-the methods and approach to the study of the Oud for these three different schools.
Whether you are a beginner or experienced, you can enjoy a new adventure and work to develop your musical talents.
School of Oud

    • Ramy also offers personal workshops for those who wish to travel to Washington DC. where he resides.
    • If you cannot locate an Oud instrument in your area, Ramy can help you.
    • Suggested course for a beginner is two lessons each week for three months. First session is FREE!

Why Skype is the easiest way to Learn the Oud?

1- Communication: the most important thing is to have the instructor watching you, especially if you are a beginner.
2- Teaching designed just for you personally: Each student has his own mistakes in technique to be corrected and each student will respond to teaching differently than others.
3- The TTT factors: Music consists of Tunes, Times and Technique. Each student must master all of these. An online instructor can spot and correct any errors in these areas of the music as the lesson progresses.
4- A fast and easy method of study: As a total beginner, never having played the Oud before, it is expected that you can learn the basics and first melodies on the Oud within 3 months.

Important Points:

1- Recording your lesson: During each lesson you may record the session through your Mobile, recorder or other video device. This is particularly helpful to allow you to review and practice during the week before your next lesson.
2- Notes available: You will receive through email the music sheets that you practiced in your weekly lesson.
3- Practice: As in all disciplines, practice on your own is essential to master the oud. It cannot be said enough that you must commit to practice on your own between lessons if you want to master this exquisite instrument. As you practice, you will find the instrument is giving its own secrets to the player. No two players will ever play the same. Each will develop his/her own techniques.
4-Weekly instructor feedback: . When the student has finished practicing between lessons he/ she can record and send back to me some of the practice sessions. I will review it and give constructive feedback and evaluation.