To make your project memorable and remarkable, I compose signature musical identity from scratch. I use my knowledge of Western orchestration and Middle Eastern musical scales such as maqams and moods, as well as rhythms to thoughtfully craft your original experience and ultimately win the hearts of your audience.

I have experience working with Western orchestras and filmmakers. I use the oud and the i-Oud to compose custom Middle Eastern music, and collaborate with a range of producers from the United States and Norway to create the full, ready-touse orchestration. My service is honest and fair—I never fail to deliver my compositions on time.

My expertise is in:

Music for film

I compose music for filmmakers whose projects focus on the Middle East and the Arab world. To ensure the authenticity and musical appeal of each composition, I craft each piece from scratch and I create identity sounds for film projects. My composition services range from original trailers to sounds for motion pictures.

Team collaboration

I collaborate with film producers and other professionals to help create Middle Eastern music for their films. My i-Oud allows me to play Middle Eastern scales using a range of sounds and Arabic techniques. To help facilitate the process, I consistently work on time and on budget for films both large and small.

Samples of my work are not published, please contact for more information.


This is an example of what we can offer for orchestra who like to play Arabic Music and it's scales