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The American/Egyptian artist Ramy Adly has over 16 years of professional experience, Ramy’s passion for the performing arts and musical composition is expansive. He composes from scratch, as well as performs licensed cover songs - both as a solo artist and with his band. Ramy has worked in world class theatre like; Kennedy Center, Cairo Opera House, The Brigham Young University, The University of Utah, Barcelona Opera House, Abu Dahbi among others, Ramy is well sought after for festival performances.

From The American Rock music to Arabic classical music. From Piano, Bass, Drums to the philharmonic orchestra, his strings says it to your heart.

Shows Offered:

Because Ramy has invented the “Smart-Oud," He is now able to take the oud into a genre of music never even attempted before. This Smart Oud can bring out sounds of a led guitar, synth, cello, violin, bass, and many more. This instrument was especially created with the thought in mind “How do we take an ancient sound and make it relevant to our culture today?” and from that very thought, the “Smart-Oud” was birthed. Ramy has played at a number of large festivals with ten thousand people in attendance. Ramy played for a crowd of more than 11,000 in an electrifying show and had been told “he offers an ideal mood for big audiences”. With many repertoires of music, Ramy can curtail his music to offer the appropriate sound that audiences need and deliver excellent entertainment by the concert. Note "music samples of this project are not on public domain."

From the Oud strings to the hearts of the audience. Ramy is a young master of the Oud, the versatile Guitar- like instrument that shaped Arab classical music. Grounded in the main Middle Eastern, modern School of Oud of his compositions and the Arab classical styles including {Om Kalthoum, Mohamed Abd-Alwahaab,} thanks to rigorous training in his native Egypt.

When Ramy met world traveler and multifaceted percussionist Stuart Dickerson in Cairo, they realized they were musical kindred spirits. Together, they began exploring both contemporary and vintage gems from Egypt, Morocco and other corners of the Maghreb, from favorite film songs of the 1940s by songwriters like Abdolwahab, Said Darwish, Om Kaoulthom, Nazim El-khazaly, to folk songs and unexpected new pieces. The String quartet program include{ first and second violins, viola, cello and Oud,} captures the jubilant energy and irresistible bittersweetness of popular and folk sounds, filtered through masterful and inventive performance. Note "all samples are not on public domain."

As a composer specializing in Middle Eastern and epic music, Ramy working with orchestra conductors to get the best Arabic sounds out of Western artists and instruments. From brass and string artists, to percussion players, He has experience working with a range of musicians and in a range of styles. Ramy has a robust wealth of experience working with a wide range of musicians of the orchestras philharmonic to chamber music and rang of Arabic styles and technique. He uses Sibelius, Logic Pro, and more programs to create clean, soul-soothing music. Ramy can be hired for many shows to advice, to perform and to collaborate with Western Orchestra When one hears the capabilities of this combination, it has the show stopper effect to say the least. .




Stairway to heaven

Led Zepplin Oud Cover .    Ramy Adly

A Sense of Victory

Ramy Adly

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    Ramy Adly

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    Hallelujah - Leonard Cohen - Oud Cover

    Ramy Adly

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    Ramy Adly

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    Lecture at Brigham Young University

    Ramy Adly

Trailer compositions by Ramy Adly  

“Themes OF War And Peace Show” 

Show by Ramy Adly, Chamber orchestra and Choir

introduces themes of original cinematic trailers, classical music on the Oud instrument

the show is providing emotions of war and peace for the audience

A Sense of Victory by Ramy Adly

Ave Maria - From Themes of War and Peace Show

Shape of My Heart

Mohammed Abd Alwahab

Stairway to Heaven

Ramy Adly - Adagio (Albinoni)